Worksite for tree removal

White Pine Tree Removal

Today we removed some large White Pine and Spruce for a client. The wood chips will stay on site as they will use them throughout the yard. The logs were milled on the same day on site for use in making garden beds.

A client in Harwinton, CT had some large White Pine as well as a Spruce on their property that they wanted to have removed. They decided that if it was possible they would like the logs milled into lumber so they could make large raised garden beds. 
We brought in a friend of ours, Autumn Acres Farm LLC, who has a portable sawmill to mill the lumber on site as the trees came down. All in one day we were able to remove the five large trees and supply them with more than enough lumber for their garden beds. In doing so, they also kept the wood chips to use for the garden beds and various other projects around the yard!

Visit the Autumn Acres Farm website to see how they use lumber.

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