Tree Removal

As licensed arborists in Connecticut we love trees and tree removal is our last resort. However, sometimes it’s necessary or desirable to have trees removed for different reasons including:

  • clearing for a structure
  • yard expansion
  • creating a view
  • letting in more sunlight
  • sick, dying or hazardous tree
  • storm damage
  • selective thinning

The KDF Difference

 Safety gear, education, lawn damage prevention, personal communication devices and professional clean-up.

Emergency Tree Removal Due to Storm Damage

Removal of a tree may be required as a result of winter storms, hurricanes and other high wind situations. Trees can sustain serious damage from storms and cause hazardous conditions in and of themselves as well as to homes and other nearby structures. If not completely destroyed, affected limbs may just need some tree pruning to remove the damaged sections. 

Willow tree damaged by storm
Willow tree damaged by storm on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut
Tree removal due to winter storm
Winter storm damage to a tree in New Milford, CT

Large Trees Removed with Climber or Crane

When trees get too large they may need to be removed to protect nearby homes and other buildings. We can carry away trimmings by hand, use a zip-line or machinery, and we sometimes utilize a crane to remove unwanted trees.

Removing a large tree with a climber
Tree climber dismantling tree
Removing a large tree with a crane
Tree removal by crane in Simsbury, CT
Large Beach tree removed in Branford, CT
Beach tree removed in Branford, CT

Selective Thinning of Forest

Selective thinning involves removing trees for the sake of beauty and to help promote growth of other vegetation.

selective thinning tree removal before and after
Partially completed selective tree thinning in Litchfield, CT
Large Beach tree removed in Branford, CT
Completed selective thinning of trees in Litchfield, CT

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