Tree Care

Why It's Important to Choose Arborists for Tree Care

Arborists are licensed by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. This licensing ensures that we have the required education related to trees and how to properly care for them. It covers any work to improve the condition of fruit, shade, or ornamental trees by feeding, fertilizing, pruning, trimming and bracing. We also have knowledge to handle the application of pesticides to improve tree condition. 

As licensed arborists in the state of Connecticut our last resort is to remove a tree, however sometimes tree removal is necessary for safety or other reasons.

Tree services - pruning crown of tree

Tree Care Services Provided by Our Arborists

Tree pruning and trimming can remove deadwood or hazardous limbs for safety or to let more light filter through. We can also prune trees to expose an impressive view of lakes or other natural settings. Pruning, when done properly, can improve the health of trees and  add aesthetic appeal. Tree care and improved views are also very likely to increase the value of your property.

Tree cabling or bracing is the practice of connecting two limbs, or leaders, of a tree in order to prevent structural failure. Cabling keeps the tree intact, prevents structural damage, and can make the tree safer and better able to endure storms and heavy winds.

Tree spraying is another tree care service our team of arborists offer. Tree spraying and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a careful, managed approach to handling insect and disease issues with your valuable trees. An example of this is a program we provide to keep apple trees healthy and free of bugs. We do this in a way that is as minimally invasive as possible. 

The KDF Difference

 Safety gear, education, lawn damage prevention, personal communication devices and professional clean-up.