Tree Services

At KDF we offer many tree services that will make the surroundings of your home more beautiful and valuable. Services including tree removal, selective forest thinning, land clearing, stump grinding, stump removal, and tree pruning can all improve the look and feel of your yard and property. All tree services are provided by Certified Arborists.

Tree services - tree removal due to storm damage

Tree Removal

Removal of trees, selective thinning of trees, clearing of trees for view, storm damage

Tree services - stump grinding machine approaches stump.

Stump Removal

Grinding of stumps to improve landscape, stump removal to prevent sinkholes

Tree services - pruning crown of tree

Tree Care

Tree pruning, tree cabling, spraying for tree health

Tree Services for Appearance, Property Values and Safety

KDF Tree and Landscape helps homeowners improve the appearance and value of their properties. We do this by creating more visually pleasing landscapes and views as well as increasing curb appeal. 

Safety of the home and family is also a concern when trees are too close to living areas and outdoor recreation areas. Having large or unhealthy trees removed can save homeowners from devastating tree damage and storm damage to their home, garage and landscaping.


Tree Services for Tree Health and Care

Tree services such as pruning and cabling can help trees live longer, healthier lives while providing us much needed shade in the warmer months. We can also spray trees to help prevent damage from insects and tree diseases that may attack and kill your trees.


You’ll feel comfortable knowing that our tree services are performed by our own Certified Arborists. And rest assured that if anything should go wrong we are fully insured for your protection

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