5 Tips to Prevent Storm Damage from Trees

Prevent storm damage from trees and avoid this scene with a tree crashed onto a deck and house.

How to Prevent Storm Damage from Trees

As we witnessed last weekend, storms can pose a significant risk to your home, especially regarding the potential threat of falling trees. Taking proactive measures to prevent trees from toppling over during severe weather can help safeguard your property and loved ones. Here are five valuable tips to prevent storm damage from trees.

Our Top 5 Tips to Prevent Storm Damage from Trees


1. Regular Tree Maintenance

Regularly inspect the trees on your property to identify any signs of weakness, such as dead or decaying branches, leaning trunks, or visible cracks. As arborists, we can assess the health of your trees and address any potential risks. Pruning or removing damaged limbs can enhance the tree’s stability and reduce the chances of it falling during a storm.

2. Proper Tree Planting

When planting trees, consider their mature size and proximity to your home. Avoid planting large trees too close to structures, as their root systems can potentially damage foundations. Research the recommended distance between trees and buildings to ensure a safe environment.

3. Reinforce Weak Trees

Consider reinforcing trees with tree braces or cables if they are vulnerable to storms. These support systems can help distribute the weight of the branches more evenly, reducing the risk of failure during high winds. One of our arborists can determine the best approach for your specific tree species.

4. Remove Hazardous Trees

Identify and remove any trees that pose an immediate threat to your home. Pay special attention to trees leaning towards your property, having extensive root damage, or showing signs of disease or decay. We are a professional tree removal service, and we can eliminate these potential hazards safely.

5. Maintain a Clear Surrounding

Regularly trim branches and remove any dead or overhanging limbs near your home. Ensuring a clear surrounding minimizes the risk of falling debris damaging your property during a storm. Additionally, look for any nearby power lines that may be affected by falling trees and report them to the relevant authorities promptly.

Taking proactive steps to prevent trees from falling on your home during a storm is crucial for the safety of your property and loved ones. Regular tree maintenance, proper planting, reinforcing weak trees, removing hazardous trees, and maintaining a clear surrounding are all essential measures to mitigate the risk. Consulting with our professional arborists about our tree services can provide valuable guidance tailored to your needs. Stay safe and protect your home from the potential dangers of falling trees during storms.

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