Landscape Tree Plantings

Bush, Shrub and Tree Plantings and Transplantings

Want an established look for your yard? Large tree plantings are a great option when you don’t want to wait years for smaller trees to mature and fit into the existing environment. Maybe you have a tree that you like but it’s grown too big and too close to your home. Transplanting a tree from one area of your property to a more appropriate location is also a service we provide.

Large tree planting from transplants
Two large sugar maple trees transplanted
Large sugar maple plantings
Large tree plantings of two sugar maples
Large sugar maples planted in front yard of Harwinton, CT home

The KDF Difference

Time is taken to remove twine, burlap and metal cage, and to ensure the tree is buried at the proper height.

Landscape Plantings Around the Home

Planting shrubs and small trees can also enhance the beauty of patios and walkways.

Landscape plantings around the home
River stone foundation plantings in Torrington, CT
Landscape plantings around the home with riverstone
These river stone foundation plantings are nearly maintenance free