Patios, Retaining Walls, Walkways


Hardscaping refers to the use of hard landscape materials in a man-made or built environment such as patios, retaining walls, staircases, walkways, and other non-living landscape structures or designs. Hardscaping can turn a ho-hum backyard into something beautiful.

Hardscaping backyard patios

The KDF Difference

The correct base material and prep for patios, the time taken for a satisfied client before ever starting the work, the base construction of walls and drainage behind.

Backyard Patios

A patio can add beauty and purpose to your outdoor living space. We build patios using paver block, blue stone, granite, and pea stone or gravel. Backyard patios are an area for friends and family to come together. They are wonderful spaces for entertaining, whether it be for a barbecue, birthday party or wedding. Patios create a seamless connection to the rest of your yard because there is no need for railings and they’re less confining than a deck or porch.

Patios are also great places for fire pits!

Patios in Torrington, CT
Installation of patio and granite stairs in Torrington, CT
Blue stone patios in Roxbury, CT
Blue stone patio hardscaping in Roxbury, CT
Patios and white fence
New patio installation in Torrington, CT

Retaining Walls

KDF builds retaining walls to make areas of your yard more usable, accessible and functional. We can make your lawn easier to mow or we can build a terraced garden. Retaining walls can add functionality while increasing the beauty of your landscape.

Hardscaping retaining wall with paver blocks
Retaining wall with paver blocks
Hardscaping a paver block wall
Installation of a paver block wall for a raised garden bed
Hardscaping for a retaining wall
Retaining wall installation


A paver walkway is more durable and safer than gravel, stepping stones or nothing at all. Pavers add more curb appeal than traditional concrete or asphalt paths. Most people encounter the same problem we do when we start excavating yards in the Connecticut area; rocks or boulders, and lots of them. We have solutions for this. We can put them to good use in a natural fire pit area, use them for a stone or boulder wall, or simply haul them away.
Hardscaping a granite stair and paver walkway
Granite stair and paver walkway
Hardscaping for a handicap accessible ramped paver walkway
Ramped paver walkway for handicap accessibility
Hardscaping new front walkway and granite stairs
New front walkway and granite stairs
Paver walkway hardscaping in Simsbury CT
Paver walkway in Simsbury, CT

Stone Walls and Firepits

Hardscaping with a stonewall
Woodline cleaned up and stonewall restored
Hardscaping a natural stone firepit
Square backyard firepit with sitting stones
Hardscaping natural stone firepit surrounded by river stone
Natural boulder firepit surrounded by river stone