Patios, retaining walls and walkways are what we refer to as hardscape landscaping or hardscaping. HardscapingĀ infers the use of hard landscape materials in man-made environments such as patios, retaining walls, staircases, walkways, and other non-living landscape structures or designs. Depending on the project, we may use block pavers, granite, blue stone or other durable materials for hardscapes. In more natural settings such as for a fire pit we may use local natural rocks and river stones.

Plantings and transplantingsĀ of bushes, shrubs and trees is another landscaping service we provide. We may source the plantings ourselves based on your preferences or you may want to choose what you’d like us to plant for you. Plantings, especially near houses, often outgrow their current location and need to be transplanted to another area of your property or to a different environment entirely.

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