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About Us

I’m Kory Daniel Fador and I started the KDF Tree & Landscape business in 2007.  I had a dream and a goal.

KDF Tree & Landscape was built the way I was raised, with hard work and honesty. My father used to ask me, “How bad do you want it?” He would tell us we could have anything if we wanted it bad enough. I wanted something to be proud of and KDF is more than just a business to me.

KDF Tree & Landscape truck and chipper

In the Beginning with KDF Tree & Landscape

The business started with just me, a Dodge Avenger, and a Stihl 440 chainsaw my father loaned me the cash to buy. My next saw was the first big purchase. The two saws, some rakes, and a harness were all kept in my “shop” which was simply a plastic shed I put together in my parents’ backyard. To learn the business, I worked for a tree and landscape service during and after high school and worked for my own customers on the weekends. And I worked a lot! 

After working for the landscape company, I began working for a huge tree service and I learned I had a real passion for trees. I traveled with the company to other states and learned fast. Finally, the day came when I was given the courage by a great friend, and now colleague, to go out on my own.

Work hard, learn fast, or die is kind of how it went in the beginning. I went through two pickup trucks and, after shoveling countless loads of wood chips, got my first dump truck. Eventually, after renting and borrowing chippers, I also bought a chipper. And then came insurance, and more insurance.

The KDF Tree & Landscape Team Today

Today we have many trucks, even more insurance, and many more saws. Passion grew as the company did and now we offer many services with the same core beliefs. At KDF we value our employees and look for passion in them. We offer retirement plans, vacation pay, and good pay rates. I tell my employees what I was told, “If you want it bad enough you can get it”. I want to retain good people and help them grow. We care about our employees, our clients, and our reputation, and we believe it shows in our work. Call us for tree removaltree carestump removalexcavating and landscaping services and you’ll discover the KDF Difference for yourself. 
Kory - Owner and Arborist

Kory - Owner and Arborist

I do this work because I enjoy it. It’s a service I want to provide in a way I would like to see others provide it, which I don’t see as often as I’d like. I hold my team to a consistent standard because it’s important to me to follow through with what I promise. My team sees that I truly appreciate them and that I honor their efforts. You’ll often find me in a tree or getting dirty with the team, making sure the customer gets more than what they expect. My goal is to provide a quality, honest, and trustworthy service that’s deserving of repeat business and referrals from my customers

Adam - Sales, Foreman and Arborist

Adam - Sales, Foreman and Arborist

I work at KDF because it allows me to be more than just a number. It allows me to rapidly advance in my profession. I like being a part of something that grows every single year, and knowing that I am truly one of the reasons for that growth. I like having the opportunity to meet with clients and interact with them. I appreciate the team aspect and how everyone works well together. I know that I am appreciated and KDF takes good care of us.


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