Our excavation services include grading, installing drainage systems, site preparation, removing stumps, and removing swimming pools.

When it comes to stumps, grinding them may be fine if you’re installing a new lawn. However, stump removal is the proper solution if you’re building a structure. We have the tools and equipment to completely remove stumps so they don’t end up becoming sinkholes.

Sinkholes are often caused by construction crews burying building materials or stumps instead of properly disposing of the waste. We fix sinkholes by digging up and removing the debris then refilling the hole with the proper materials.

KDF truck loaded with excavator
Excavating for stump removal

The KDF Difference

With any sort of excavation work, we’re very careful to cause the least amount of damage to the surrounding area. When backfilling a pool we compact the newly installed soil in layers to ensure the least amount of settling. At KDF we make the effort to identify the cause and devise the proper solution to your drainage problems, so you don’t have to think about it again.

Excavation for Drainage

Improving drainage can entail excavation for installation of storm drains, French drains or curtain drains. In some situations all that is needed is regrading of the surface. Sometimes drainage can be improved by simply piping downspouts and sump-pumps underground and away from your house. If you have water in your basement, or wet unusable parts of your yard, we can potentially solve these problems with proper drainage installation. We will come to your property, evaluate the situation and give you an estimate for your drainage project.

Excavating for drainage and catch basin installation in Litchfield, CT
Installation of drainage and catch basin
Excavating for drainage in Litchfield, CT
Excavation for drainage in Litchfield, CT

Backyard Renovation Project

Backyard drainage installation
Installation of drainage
Excavator lifting materials
Excavator assists with backfill
Retaining wall with shrubs planted in front of white fence
Retaining walls backfilled and planted

Excavation for Swimming Pool Removal

If your inground swimming pool or above ground swimming pool is no longer being used we can remove it for you. 

With our excavation equipment we remove all concrete and other debris, fill and compact the hole with appropriate material and regrade the area. 

You will end up with a nice area that can be used for other purposes that better suit your needs.


In ground swimming pool removal in Harwinton, CT
In ground swimming pool removal in Harwinton, CT

Grading Around Swimming Pools

If you are having, or have recently had, a new pool installed, we can landscape the area surrounding the pool for beauty and function.

For this homeowner we cleared away all the debris around the pool that was left over from the pool installation. We then graded the area around the pool and did some minor hardscaping.

Edging the perimeter and adding small stone between the pool and the edging not only looks better but it’s also functional. This type of material helps to keep the area from getting muddy when water spills over from enthusiastic swimming activity.

Excavating to grade and landscape around swimming pool
Grading and landscaping around pool in Northfield, CT

Grading for New Structures

Grading ensures a level base, or one with a specified slope, for the construction of a foundation, pathway, or patio. If you are renovating your yard or lawn, grading is important for smooth and even drainage.

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