Crabapple tree pruning before and after pictures.

Crabapple Tree Pruning in Torrington

Today we were called in to give this Crabapple tree a haircut. The Crabapple tree pruning took place at a condominium complex in Torrington, CT where the tree resides.

During the Crabapple tree pruning process, we remove all of the verticle suckers and water sprouts. It’s best to do this in winter when the tree is dormant so there are no adverse effects on its fruit or flowers.

Water sprouts grow straight up from branches and suckers grow along the trunk or at the base of the tree from the roots. Not only do they detract from the appearance of the tree but they crowd the canopy and prevent proper airflow.

Because suckers and water sprouts tend to grow so quickly, they’re not as strongly connected to the tree and can break off more easily during storms. This can damage the healthier parts of the tree. They also use water and nutrients that should go to healthy parts of the tree.

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