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Another 5-Star Review of KDF Tree

Review of KDF Tree by Cheri Ann

For this job in Torrington, we used a crane to remove two very large Red Oaks by the shed as well as a declining Maple behind the house and a Hickory tree next to the lower driveway to the right.

Cheri Ann
Cheri Ann
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From the time I sent in an inquiry to KDF and the time Adam got back to me must have been within hours if not within the hour. He was very communicative, professional… came out and assessed and sent me a quote that same day. I had two other companies come out and neither of which sent me their quotes… understandably it was a bigger job than most residential tree companies do, however a simple we can’t do this would have been great. KDF came out on Wednesday to start the job and finished last night (Friday). The entire group of guys was great. I knew my yard would have some damage from the crane and bucket trucks but they put stuff on my yard to help prevent it.  I had 4 trees removed, two of which were massive oak trees, and they were amazing.  I cannot recommend them enough. You’d think after looking at my yard Wednesday night it was a hot mess, but when they were finished they cleaned up everything like it never happened! Again, I cannot recommend them enough! Thank you Adam, Kory and crew!

Notice in this before and after picture below how much bigger the house looks when not dwarfed by the large Oak trees.

Before and after pictures of large Oak tree removals
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